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madness collab!!!

2009-10-10 23:36:58 by kittykittycat100

i am making a madness collab. everybody is making them and i wanted to try.

the deadline is now march 1st

Format: flash 8
Stage size: 550x400
Stage color: Black
Please put all symbols in a folder with your name on it.
When you are done upload it to filefront and then pm the address to me.
(does anybody have any ideas of what i can name it.)
collab members

there is space for 1 more member

also a screenshot of my part
The stupid madness 5 SCREENSHOT
Sorry about being dead, my laptops charger broke and i have been having a hard time trying to get a new one.

madness collab!!!

check out my art

2009-07-03 18:20:58 by kittykittycat100

tell me if you like my art


2009-06-13 14:22:29 by kittykittycat100

it will be out soon as if anybody cares >:3
it will be better than the last 4(way better than the first 3).
it will feature flash ads(so i can make money off of this crap)
9 little shorts. 1 long short over 1000 frames at the moment.
here is what you will see. PORN!!!!!!!, breakfeast battle II, sanford and deimos, Paintball war, and more.

my old madness cartoon

2009-05-23 15:57:50 by kittykittycat100

remember that old cartoon i started making a long time ago. i restarted because of crappy ass animation. i have the 1st scene for you to look at. it was not finished and you can tell by the floating hands. /57227_old_scene_1.php this is the old one the new on will be better i stopped using tweens


2009-04-18 20:23:36 by kittykittycat100

Stupid madness 5 screenshot. it is 45% done.


Portal Defenders

2009-03-14 19:30:55 by kittykittycat100

Portal Defenders is fucking awesome